"I have known about the Co-ops Fleet Program for many years as Land O'Lakes employee. The program was opened up to Runzheimer drivers at Land O'Lakes. Greg Nelson of Land O'Lakes hooked me up with Jason Bill. The discount was sizable enough for me to purchase through Saxon Fleet Services. My experience with Saxon Fleet was nothing but positive. I definitely recommend Saxon Fleet Services and already have." - Mark Halbakken, Manager, Land O'Lakes Relations Technical Service and Support

"I learned of the fleet program through word of mouth with friends who had been lightly informed of it through their local dealer. I did further research and internet searching and learned more about the program based on what I found about Saxon Fleet Services. Given the limited amount of information I was able to find regarding the coop fleet vehicle program, Saxon Fleet Services was the prominent name that emerged.  I was also in the planning stages of preparing for a new vehicle purchase so the timing worked out. I was impressed with the knowledge they had and the clear explanation that they were able to provide regarding how the program worked, the simplicity of establishing eligibility and the simplicity of how the procurement of the vehicle would take place. My experience through Saxon was extremely positive from all aspects of the process beginning with the initial conversation regarding eligibility, to the placement of the order, all the way to taking delivery of the vehicle. The ease of the process, the level of professionalism and the virtually transparent coordination of all of the required documentation that takes place in the background made the process very positive. I absolutely recommend this program to other coop members any time the subject of vehicle procurement comes up in casual conversation with my peers." - Corey Theis, Theicor Enterprises, South Central Energy & Grain member

My name is Michael Oosten co-owner of Marvo Holsteins Dairy (California) and a member owner of Land O'Lakes. I first heard of Saxon Fleet Services at a Land O'Lakes Annual Meeting. I was in the market for a larger diesel pickup to replace my old Ford F-150, so I decided to give Saxon Fleet Services a call and check pricing. I had spoken to a couple of Saxon Fleet representatives at the annual meeting and they told me to give Pete Sprafka a call when I got home. So I called Pete shortly after, and I received a quote after a brief phone call. I priced out a few local dealers also and Saxon Fleet's pricing was very competitive. I had time before I needed a new truck so I placed my order and my new truck was delivered two months later. I purchased though Saxon because I valued the time savings of having a no-haggle, best pricing up front experience. Another good selling point of purchasing though Saxon Fleet Services is that you are able to order exactly what you want. You don't have to pay for options that you don't need. I have recently purchased two more vehicles from another National Account Manager, Matt Goess, and I received the same easy, hassle free experience. I would recommend Saxon Fleet Services as a great resource to purchase your next vehicle. - Michael Oosten, Land O'Lakes / Marvo Holsteins Dairy

 "I found out about the Land O'Lakes Co-op vehicle program through our Pioneer DuPont dealership and its relationship with Saxon Fleet Services. I contacted Saxon because of the large discounts they offered and my experience turned out to be quick and easy. Saxon took the pain out of buying a vehicle. There truly isn't an easier or cheaper way to buy a vehicle. I will continue to recommend purchasing vehicles through Saxon Fleet Services to fellow co-op members."  - Rock Ormiston II, Ormiston Farms

"My husband Donnie and I heard about the Coop's Fleet program from Larry Swalheim, president of Landmark many years ago. We checked it out at the time and we probably saved $12,000.00 on our first vehicle. When we checked it out, it was and still is a wonderful program and saved us lots of money over the years. We have bought 3-4 vehicles over the years from Saxon Fleet and have always worked with Mary Kay Carlsen. My husband has since passed away and I am now working with Mary Kay again. She is fair and honest and a very sweet person and easy to work with and have developed a lasting friendship with her. I would recommend Saxon Fleet to anyone, in fact my sister and her husband worked thru Mary Kay and Saxon Fleet for one of their vehicles."  - Shirley Statz, Secretary, Statz Bros., Inc., Marshall, WI

"A Pioneer Hi-Bred International agent told me about the fleet vehicle program, so I called Saxon Fleet Services' at the 800 number I've seen on my computer through email marketing.  Robert, at Saxon Fleet Services, returned my call and answered all my questions.  He explained how easy and convenient it was to factory order exactly the truck I wanted. Robert made sure he understood what I needed and then we created a quote together.  When my truck arrived, it took only a few minutes to sign paperwork and drive away.  My experience was nothing short of fantastic, and I saved money, too!  I highly recommend other co-op members give Saxon Fleet Services a try." - Gary Place, United Prairie Co-op member

"I heard about the Co-op's Fleet Program from a banner hanging on a wall at a local Co-op. I called for information about pricing and buying without trading in a vehicle. The pricing was right, the salesperson was a very good and friendly. I had a positive experience and recommend to co-op members to purchase fleet vehicles through Saxon Fleet Service." - Tom Dugan, Country Partners Coop, Nebraska

"I heard about the coop's vehicle program from my neighbor who had taken advantage of it. I decided to call Saxon Fleet Services because my neighbor said he had a pleasant experience. The bottom dollar was more competitive than any other offering and Saxon Fleet was very easy to talk to. I had a great experience. It is probably the easiest, most satisfying purchase I have ever made on a vehicle. I have been recommending Saxon Fleet Services to all of my friends that are coop members." - Dave Olson, Owner, Mission Construction Services Incorporate, Member, Faribault (MN) Community Co-op

"I heard about the fleet program through United Farmers Cooperative and the relationship with Land O'Lakes older fleet program. I wanted to gather more info about what a fleet buying program really was, how it worked and what it could mean for me as far as cost savings. I decided to purchase through Saxon Fleet Services because of a business relationship with Jason that helped me see the real value in ordering the vehicle I wanted early in the model year with a substantial discount not offered by a retailing dealer at the time of the purchase order. The overall buying experience was great because I was able to order the exact vehicle I wanted at price the dealers couldn't match. No hassling, no haggling, just place the order. I have and will continue to promote this program to our cooperative members as I see it as a real value added opportunity to being a part of a progressive cooperative like United Farmers Cooperative." - Chad Mattes, District Sales Manager, Mattes Agronomy Sales Member, United Farmers Cooperative, Southern Minnesota

"I heard about the Coop's Fleet Program through a manager at UFC who is a good friend. He told me to take advantage of the opportunity after he used the program. Because of the coop's recommendation, I gave Saxon Fleet Services a call. I then purchased through Saxon because the price was competitive. The entire sales process was very smooth. There was no haggling. The price is what it is. I had a very good experience. A minor concern initially was thinking this deal was too good to be true. Once I picked up my vehicle, I realized this is the same process as planning out my farm equipment. I would absolutely recommend purchasing through Saxon Fleet Services and I already have. This program is the most efficient way to go about getting a vehicle for United Farmers Cooperative members." - Gary Wenner, Owner, Gary Wenner Farms, Member, United Farmers Cooperative, Southern Minnesota

"I was contacted directly by Saxon. Our company used Saxon in year's past for company owned vehicles so I felt comfortable with them. Pricing was very competitive and they explained the process well and the process made sense. I had a very positive experience and recommend purchasing through Saxon Fleet Services." - Chad Huigens, Central Valley Ag., Nebraska

"The vehicle program was offered to our members simply because of value and savings to our membership. It's what the Cooperative system is all about. Leverage the purchasing power of the members for the benefit of the entire membership. I have found the program very easy to work with. Customers ask me how to go about working the program and after a quick explanation they are on their way to realizing the savings. The people at Saxon are very accommodating and a pleasure to work with! I would recommend the program to all Cooperatives. It will add one more benefit to the many benefits Cooperatives already bring to their membership. The work and time investment at the local Co-op is very minimal compared to the rewards for the customer!" - Steve Zutz, Chief Executive Officer, Country Visions Cooperative, Reedsville, WI

"I heard about Saxon Fleet Services thru Business Associate a number of years ago and have been using their services ever since. I met the Saxon people at a Corporate Land O'Lakes event and liked their personal touch. I decided to purchase because price was excellent and extra service was key. My experience has been very good and I definitely recommend anybody who has interest in a new vehicle to give Saxon Fleet Service a try." - Jim Tiedke, Chief Talent Officer, Countryside Cooperative, Durand, WI

"My dad had just recently purchased a vehicle through Costco. Shortly thereafter, Saxon Fleet Services came down to Landmark to educate us on the vehicle program available to the coop members. After learning about the opportunity to take advantage of substantial savings, I decided to give Jason Saxon a call. Since the pricing was more than competitive and the experience was wonderful, I decided to purchase my F-250 through Saxon Fleet Services. I would and already have recommended Saxon Fleet Services to other Landmark Services Cooperative members." - Johnny Blaska, Oakleaf Properties Inc., Landmark Services Cooperative Member

"I heard about the Co-op's fleet program through Land O' Lakes literature about 8-9 years ago and decided to give Saxon Fleet Services a call because of the possibility of saving money. Besides price, being able to order exactly what I wanted was important to me so I purchased through Saxon. Jason Bill provided excellent service and answered all my questions. I recommend co-op members to purchase vehicles through Saxon, in fact, I already have!" -Jeff Fritz, JLF Services LLC, Green Lake, WI

"We heard about the program through a friend, who had purchased a pickup through Saxon and was pleased with his purchase. We did not realize this program even existed.  We decided to call Saxon Fleet because we had decided not to trade in another pickup on the purchase and thought we would give it a try instead of negotiating with a car dealer. We purchased the pickup from Saxon because the price was pleasing and my husband could order exactly what he wanted on his pickup. We were very pleased with the experience of purchasing through Saxon Fleet, every concern we had was answered immediately, they were friendly and very pleasant to deal with, no complaints what so ever!  We will definitely call Saxon again when he decides to buy another vehicle.  I was also thrilled so know they can get cars through this program too!  Saxon fleet will be recommended to all our farmer friends!" - Jane Whisman, State Line Grain Member

"Buying a new vehicle from Saxon Fleet was a very quick and easy buying experience. I went over the pickup I was interested in buying with Shane and had a quick competitive response on a vehicle quote. I was very pleased with the communication from Shane, he kept in contact to let me know when it was built and when I could expect a local delivery of vehicle. I would recommend calling them if you are looking at buying a new vehicle." - Brian Fargo, Fargo Seeds, LLC, Independent Sales representative for Dupont Pioneer Brand Products

"I heard about our Coop's Fleet Program from Steve Oliva, a manager at North Valley Ag Services. I always look for the best price when I am in the market for a truck because they lose value. I bought a truck through Saxon Fleet Services because they beat any other price I could find. I found it easy to purchase the truck through Saxon Fleet -just order it and wait for the truck to arrive at the dealer that it is to be delivered to. I recommend comparing prices and giving our Coop Fleet Program a try." -Tom Kaye, Owner, Kaye Farms, Member, North Valley Ag Services

"When I was in the market for a newer vehicle, the local CHS/Land O'Lakes Coop's Ag Department suggested I look into the fleet program provided by Saxon Fleet Services to save money. After I saw how simple the process could be, I gave Jason Saxon a call to see what kind of pricing I could get on a new vehicle. I was able to get the exact vehicle I wanted at an affordable price. My experience with Saxon Fleet has always been professional and productive. I have shopped around and have purchased many vehicles through the years. By ordering through Saxon, I was able to get great pricing on a new vehicle without any hassle. It was very simple. I am now in the process of ordering again. I recommend any member of a CHS/Land O'Lakes Coop, who is in the market for a vehicle, to give Jason Saxon a call. He will make your vehicle purchasing experience pleasant and pain-free."- Rick Welch, Member, Cooperative Plus Inc., Delavan, WI

"I own and operate Adair Feed & Grain Co. & Crawford & Crawford Inc. (Purina)  in Adair, Iowa and have thoroughly enjoyed working with Peter Sprafka of Saxon Fleet Services . I was a bit apprehensive the first time I bought and traded a vehicle over the phone with Peter, but I must say, it was the easiest and most enjoyable experience I have ever had while trading vehicles. I no longer have to drive to a dealership and sit and listen to a salesperson carry on for several hours out of my day. I neither have the time or the patience to deal with the large dealerships anymore where they keep me at bay while the salesperson runs back and forth with their sales manager playing their pricing games. With Peter, he goes through the options for the vehicle I want. I fill out a form on the used vehicle (via email) and send it back to him. He gives me a trade price and I either take it or not. NO MORE GAMES! I have now purchased 6 or 7 vehicles through Saxon Fleet Services and will pick another one up this week sometime. The only time I leave my office is to pick up the new unit at the dealership. I wish I had known about this years ago! -Randy Crawford, President, Adair Feed & Grain Co., Crawford & Crawford Inc.

"We heard about the program through a mailing from our local Douglas County Farmer's Co-op. I had been looking for a used F150 for the past 9 months. After looking at a similar truck at our local Costco, we found the Saxon price was much lower and decided Saxon was the way to go to get the truck we wanted. We love the truck and it is beautiful. We appreciate all the help that you and your company provided. If the trucking company and the delivering dealer knew as much about customer service as your company does, the whole experience would have been totally great. However, you are not getting my truck back! Also, I will be telling the manager of the co-op that I will be recommending Saxon Fleet Services to all my Ag friends. Thanks again." -Thanks again, John & Diane Breyer, Douglas County Farmer's Co-op

 "I heard about the Saxon Fleet Services program through Purina and word of mouth. I decided to purchase through Saxon Fleet because (account manager) Jason Bill made other dealerships look terrible with his pricing and service. No comparison. My experience was very positive and seamless. I have already recommended by vehicles through Saxon Fleet Services to others." - Joe and Kyle Reid

"I heard about the vehicle program at a Potato Partner Meeting in 2009 that Terry McEntire had spoken at on behalf of Winfield Solutions sharing the benefits of fleet purchasing through Saxon Fleet Service. Then when I was at the CHS Annual Meeting in 2010 and met Mr. Saxon at the booth in the trade fair I came back with the CHS member benefits of fleet purchasing. The initial contact at the CHS annual meeting and then the follow up call from Jason Saxon made me realize their willingness to help Sun Basin CHS members see the benefits of fleet purchasing through their program.  I wasn't ready to order a pickup until fall 2011 but I had an accident and totaled mine out and need another rig. The used market was really strong and the difference in price from used to new, made a Saxon fleet purchase a no brainer. The whole process in ordering and purchasing was just plain easy. It took less than an half an hour to go through the spec order and then the rest was all by e-mail. After the e-mail came in for proofing the specs, we just printed off the purchase order and sent it in with a deposit. I think Saxon fleet is the only way to purchase a new vehicle if you only purchase new rigs. If you plan ahead and allow for the 10 to 12 weeks it takes to take delivery of your new vehicle you can save a lot of money. You will not find a more hassle free way to buy a rig and you can do it all from your home or office. The people are great and very willing to earn and keep your business.  Give 'em a try!" - Gary Schaapman, Integrity Ag Inc., Sun Basin CHS Chairman

"I first learned of the Land O Lakes vehicle program and the Saxon Fleet connection from Dale Strassberg and Don Saxon at a Western Area Manager's Association meeting about 8 years ago. They explained the advantage of using Land O Lakes fleet size and Saxon Fleet's programs to deliver vehicles to our Cooperative less expensively than local dealers could. Initially we purchased a few pickups for our own fleet and later learned we could offer these same savings to our Cooperative members. We started informing our members of the program about 6 years ago with statement stuffers, newsletter articles and discussions at our annual business meetings. Member purchases were slow the first few years as they did not fully understand the amount of savings available. We also had local Ford, Dodge and General Motors dealerships in smaller communities then and I think members were interested in supporting those businesses. As auto dealerships exited our smaller communities, our members became more interested in the Saxon Fleet program. Now we have several inquiries each month with those choosing to use Saxon Fleet's service reporting saving of $4,000 to $5,000 per unit. My members report their experience with Saxon Fleet is enjoyable and that their transaction is handled professionally and efficiently. Their vehicles are delivered to the nearest dealership and are ready for them to pick up like any other dealership customer. Warranty issues have been handled without issue. It's important to understand this program is for cooperative members only. We cannot extent this program to non-Co-op members nor would we want to. While our local auto dealerships don't really like this program, they understand we work closely with Saxon Fleet to make sure only qualified members are allowed to use the program. Our members understand this program is a value they gain by being a member of Bingham Cooperative and several area farmers and ranchers have joined Bingham Co-op because of this value. It's something our retail competitors just can't duplicate. If a cooperative is not currently involved in offering the Saxon Fleet program to their members, I'd recommend they give it consideration. It's something of value you can offer your members that doesn't cost you a dime. Jason thanks for your help in implementing this program and for your professionalism in getting our members great deals on their equipment needs." - Mike Jensen, Bingham Cooperative General Manager

"As a manager/member of Farmers Union, I received a Saxon Fleet Facts newsletter telling me that we qualify for fleet incentives on Ford/GM/Chrysler vehicles. I figured I would give a call to find out what was available since I needed to upgrade my 230k mile truck. I worked with Brian Stromquist, account manager at Saxon Fleet Services, to spec out exactly what I wanted over the phone in about 15 minutes. Brian explained that the pricing was guaranteed for the entire model year so I could take my time to make a decision. The pricing that Brian sent back to me was definitely competitive! As my truck was on order I got periodic status updates. When it came time to take delivery, all I had to do was grab the keys from the local dealer and drive away. I would definitely recommend Brian and the rest of Saxon Fleet Services as they are equipped to answer any questions about vehicle production and pricing." - Elisha Lewis, Farmers Union Trading Company, Coop member/Manager

"FCA put out a notice in our statements a while back that had to do with special fleet pricing on any kind of cars and trucks through Ford, GM, and Chrysler. I was in the market for a pickup and had already priced a bunch of different specs through the local dealers. I figured why not give Saxon Fleet Services a try since I wasn't too familiar with how the fleet program worked. After talking with Jason Saxon, I found that I could spec out exactly what I wanted for a cheaper price and it still had the full warranty. The experience was very simple. After I ordered the truck Jason kept in touch to let me know status reports. Once the vehicle was shipped, all I had to do was stop into the local dealer and they handed me the keys. I would definitely recommend Saxon Fleet Services to any FCA members that are looking to acquire a vehicle, as they will be able to advise you on all available options just like they advised me. My wife and I are very happy with our new Dodge 2500 Diesel and will be giving Saxon Fleet a call next time we're in the market." - Lon Stretesky, Owner, Stateline LLC, FCA Board Member

"I originally heard about the Coop's fleet program through our farm's accountant. Once I found out about the fleet discounts that are offered to coop members, I knew I had to look into it. I did a little research by talking to other coop members and was confident Saxon Fleet Services was the best way to go for a new truck. Overall, I had a great experience working with Jason Saxon. At first I thought it was too good to be true, but later found out everything went according to plan, even smoother than I anticipated. I recommend the program to any Bingham Coop member for any vehicle needs." - Tyson Funk, Partner, County Line Farms, American Falls, Idaho, Member, Bingham Coop

"I heard about the Land O' Lakes Volume Incentive Program at The land O' Lakes patron meeting. At the meeting they explained to us that we have an option for fleet pricing through Saxon Fleet Services. We were told to get in touch with them with any further questions. I wasn't in the market for a vehicle at the time but I kept the information around. Within six months I was in touch with Jason Saxon, at Saxon Fleet Services, to find out what options were available through the program. Jason explained to me that I could spec any Ford, GM, or Chrysler, and factory order directly over the phone. After we went through specs, Jason sent me a quote within about twenty minutes. I decided to purchase through Saxon Fleet because the price was very competitive and the process was fast and efficient. I also saw the value in helping to leverage the buying power of Land O'Lakes. When the truck arrived, all the paperwork had already been completed. The only thing left was grabbing the keys from the delivering dealer and drive away.  I would recommend Saxon Fleet Services to any Dairy members that are looking for a simple and convenient way to purchasing a vehicle. After all, next time I am in the market I will be giving Jason a call back to continue our relationship." - David Pinheiro, Partner, Joe Pinheiro & Sons Dairy, Tipton, CA

"As the General Manager of one of the largest Plumbing, Heating & Cooling companies in northeast Ohio, we are a large user of cargo vans.  Needing a cost effective way to obtain high quality vehicles we answered a solicitation letter from Saxon Fleet Services back in 2006. Here is what we discovered. Saxon gave us personalized service, answered all of our questions, sourced the exact vehicles that we requested and had them delivered locally at a price that was thousands less than any other dealer could dream about.  We then followed up with an additional order of vehicles and found out that the customer service is outstanding every time. Miracle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Co. believes in honesty, integrity and professionalism and I believe we have found this same quality in Saxon Fleet Services. This fall when we will be sourcing another order for service vehicles, Saxon Fleet Services will be the only call I need to make. This relieves a huge burden to fleet buyers like myself and allows me to do the more important things, like run a business. Thank you to all the staff at Saxon Fleet Services and a special thank you goes to our particular representative, Sean Clyma for going the extra mile for me. I would not hesitate to give you all of my vehicle business." - John DeWees, General Manager, Miracle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Co.

"Hart Farms was referred to Saxon Fleet Services by North Valley Ag Service. I was able to specify particular options with our vehicle that weren't available off the lot at no additional cost. Saxon Fleet Services presented all three major vehicle manufacturers with the options specified. We were able to choose without any pressure from a sales department and did so with one phone call. Our vehicle was delivered to and prepped by a local dealership which made pick up extremely convenient. Saxon Fleet Services saved me valuable time and money and I was able to get exactly what I wanted without having to settle for what was on the lot." -Darin Titus, Hart Farm, Member, North Valley Ag

"I just wanted to let you know that I picked up my new Ram 2500 on Friday, July 17th.  I let the dealer know I was coming and when I arrived the truck was sitting right outside the front doors ready to go. It was everything that we had talked about - and more. Everything was built right to the specs that we had designed, absolutely perfect. After admiring the truck for a few minutes I walked inside and asked for the contact name that you had given me. He showed up shortly, and we went to his office where I signed my name two times on a piece of paper and he handed me the keys and shook my hand. Literally, I spent less than 5 minutes in the dealership before I was driving away in my new truck. Now that is my kind of transaction! I appreciate you walking myself through the process when we first started talking and I definitely look forward to doing business with you and Saxon Fleet Services again in the future!" - Caleb Baer, CJB, LLC / Purina, Lake Park, MN

"I heard about the fleet program through an email from Bob Eggerss from Pioneer Fleet management. I was in the market for a new truck so I followed the information in the email and called Saxon Fleet Services with some questions. It seemed like a good option. I was contacted by Robert Samuelson, an account manager at Saxon. He answered all my questions and explained Saxon's process for buying vehicles. Robert took the time to make sure I understood the process and worked with me to get the details of the vehicle right. The whole process was very easy and he was clearly interested my satisfaction. I would recommend to other Pioneer agents in the market for a new truck to give Saxon Fleet Services a call, it's very efficient and you'll be pleased with the savings."- Dean Christianson, Pioneer Agent, DC Ag Services, SD

"I heard about the Co-op Fleet Program through the newsletter that is annually sent to all Co-op members. When I was in the market for a new truck, I talked to my neighbor who had used the Co-op Fleet Program in the past. He told me of his pleasant experience dealing with Saxon Fleet Services so I decided to call Jason Saxon and try the program myself. It made sense for me to move forward because I was able to spec the vehicle to my exact needs and the pricing fit my budget. My overall experience was great and the truck was delivered on time at our agreed upon sale price. I recommend Saxon Fleet Services to all of our Co-op members so they can spec out a vehicle to fit their own particular needs. - Alan Patterson, Patterson & Patterson Farms, OK

"I heard about the Co-op's vehicle program through word of mouth at a Farm Show during the winter. I decided to give Saxon Fleet Services a call because the pricing was hard to beat and I could factory order exactly what I wanted. My experience with Saxon Fleet Services was excellent and I have already recommended them to two people." - Brian Tucker, Member/Ag First, Brookings, SD

"I first heard of the Land O'Lakes Dairy Producers fleet program from one of our other producers. Not too long after hearing about the fleet program I received a call from Saxon Fleet Services. Robert at Saxon Fleet wanted to make sure I was aware of program and asked for a few minutes to explain the whole process to me. I talked with Robert for a while and learned more about what they do and how easy it was to do business with them. The best thing I learned was that I could order the vehicle built the way I wanted and at a greatly discounted price. I had an excellent experience with Robert; it only took about 15 minutes on the phone to order the truck I wanted. Also, it arrived sooner than I expected, so overall it was a great experience for me. I would definitely recommend that other Dairy Producers listen to what they have to say and give them a try. Well worth it." - Frank Mendonsa, Land O'Lakes

"I heard about the Fleet Program at a Land O'Lakes meeting but didn't know the potential savings until another patron shared his experience. After a conversation with a patron who used the service made sense to compare. I decided to purchase through Saxon because of the overall savings. Saxon offered excellent communications through the ordering and delivery process which led to additional purchases through Saxon Fleet Services over the past five years. I have recommended the service to several co-op members who have subsequently used the program." - Tom Barcellos, Barcellos Farms

"We became aware of your fleet program through a New Holland dealer sales letter and decided to call and find out about the program. All our questions were answered promptly and we made the decision to order a new truck for one of our salesman. After we received that truck we have ordered a few more and have been very happy with the price and the professional service offered by Saxton Fleet I would be happy to recommend Saxton to any of my fellow New Holland dealers because from what we've experienced, you get a great truck at a great price and don't have to haggle for any better deal." - Don McCullough, Wichita Tractor Co.

"Trane gave me a flyer when I went to their Boot Camp but I didn't call Saxon Fleet until Shane emailed some information to me. I was looking for a less expensive way to purchase vehicles. To me a truck is like a $35,000.00 pipe wrench, so I need to find the best deal. I made the call and started working with Shane. As we went through the sales process Shane helped me with all the options and quoted me a price a lot less than my local Ford dealer. The vans came when they were supposed to with all the options chosen. Saxon even arranged for financing for significantly less than my bank could. I'm very pleased with Saxon Fleet and will purchase more vehicles from them." - Keenan McKee, Keenan's Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Montrose, CO

"I heard about the Co-op's Fleet Program through my father who works for a coop. I gave Saxon Fleet Services a call because I heard great things and was tired of dealing with the dealership services. After going through the process, it made me feel like I was getting the best deal on the exact product I was looking for so I purchased through Saxon. My experience was very positive. Saxon worked with me on 'my time' which made a large purchase such as buying my first vehicle very trusting. I have already recommended Saxon Fleet Services to others." Alex Bellamy

"Thank you for all you have done for me to make my truck purchase a joy!!" Bill Thiede, Owner, Pine Need Properties