It is with great excitement that we welcome you to the inaugural posting of Don's Blog! We hope that over the course of time you will look forward to the exciting and educational posts that are made from one of the leading professionals in the Automotive Fleet Industry, our own Don Saxon; the President of Saxon Fleet Services.

I first and foremost want to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for reading my blog and following me along through the industry I am so passionate about, "The Automotive Fleet Services Industry".

I started my journey many years ago working at Saxon Ford in St. Paul, taking the bus when I was only 6 years old down to detail cars on the weekends. It was then that I realized my passion for the automotive industry which I have chosen to work in my entire career.


I come from an Automotive family background, as my Grandfather and Father were both franchised auto dealers. I found my passion in the Fleet Services Industry over 40 years ago, and have been growing Saxon Fleet Services with great ambition ever since.

Our company Saxon Fleet Services specializes in business to business vehicle fleet management solutions; from procurement and remarketing, to life cycle management, we offer ways to save time and save money while helping you run your vehicles more efficiently.   

When I am not on the road visiting with our customers, or working with our team at our office in Oakdale, MN - I enjoy being with my family.

As I always welcome feedback, please feel free to email me with questions or comments!

I can be reached at


As the end of the year passes, and the new year begins, we would like to thank all of those who have embarked on this journey with us that we call Don's Blog.

As January begins, comes great opportunities for all of us to learn from the past year, and to help plan for the future. No matter how well you run your fleet, there are always several areas to be mindful of that could use constant improvement.

A few topics of conversation come to mind regarding the daily operation of any well ran fleet, I would like to highlight a few:

1.    Daily Issues, no matter how big or how small, require constant monitoring and attention. As you tackle these challenges, it goes without saying- to          be the best fleet manager you can be, you have to maintain a positive attitude and serious focus towards improvement.

2.     Vehicle repairs and manufacturer recalls are a fleet managers constant obstacle. As long as we can expect the unexpected, we can easily work through these matters. I have found that when we can communicate with our manufacturer partners directly, we can more easily overcome these types of challenges.

3.     During the time of year when we place our large fleet orders, suppliers will announce shortages, and transportation companies will announce logistic delays. These complications are handled in the same way as the other challenges in our role; using patience, planning, and communication. Having good processes in place to work with the drivers and locations of these new vehicle orders, is the key to handling even more delays that are out of our control.


As a long-time professional in the fleet industry, I can attest to the saying, "it's not about how we achieved our successes in our daily work, but in how we handled and learned from our failures". 

Many have reached out with great feedback and excitement, and as we look forward to bringing continued insight and perspective on the Automotive Fleet Industry, we again encourage your ideas and thoughts!

Don's Blog April 2019          

Good Morning,

As I write this blog today, I am coming to you from the road, on my way to visit some of the many customers across the country that we do business with.

 A topic that was discussed in an industry seminar I attended earlier last month was Total Cost of Ownership, or TCO as it is known to industry insiders. There probably is not a more important subject foundationally to the fleet industry.

Many of you may not have heard of TCO before. Others are very familiar with this phrase. At Saxon Fleet Services, we are constantly educating our customers in business who are responsible for managing their vehicle expense.

Total Cost of Ownership is made up of many components that are managed in different ways. Some businesses run their fleet at four cents per mile, and others run the same type of vehicles at five dollars per mile; they are all correct!

Our goal is and always will be, to provide you with the knowledge of how to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership.Therefore, you can make the best decision for your business fleet.

Have a great spring!

Don Saxon
Saxon Fleet Services


Don's Blog May 2019

Spring is here in Minnesota, and that means warmer temperatures and the beginning of the new season for many vehicle fleets!

As a reminder, vehicle maintenance and safety should be on the top of your priority; when overlooked it can quickly turn your vehicle asset into a liability.

Vehicle down time can be very expensive to a business's bottom line, more expensive than the cost to annually maintain the vehicle.

The right maintenance schedule prepares your business vehicles to operate safely during the busy times of year, and it all starts with a good annual inspection.

Items to consider to help your vehicle run safely and reliably:

·         Inspect the brakes

·         Change the fluids

·         Check the belts and hoses

·         Adjust the alignment and suspension

·         Rotate and check the tires

·         Charge the battery

·         Test the air conditioner

·         Detail the vehicle

Planning will save thousands of dollars vs. no planning!

Have a Great month!

Don Saxon
Saxon Fleet Services  


Don's Blog September 2019

Good Afternoon,

As the summer season comes to an end for many, we hold our hats tightly as the weather conditions blow through.

Uncertainty in fleet management arises fast when the weather conditions change, especially when our vehicles are not serviced regularly and properly maintained.

After attending some customer meetings this summer, I was reminded in conversation that most business managers and owners try to be very careful in their decisions for the future.  While some of these businesses are still running 20 plus year old trucks, others choose to trade every two years.

Ask yourself these questions:

     1. What is your plan for your fleet?

        2. How will you implement your plan, and when will you turn your vehicles into assets?

We at Saxon Fleet Services, have customers who operate vehicles at $0.04 per mile, and we also have customers that operate the same type of vehicles at $5.00 per mile.

Have us work out the cost of operation with you, so you can worry about something else.

I continue to remind customers that as they accumulate used vehicles, they sometimes don't even realize the money they are missing out on the premium markets.

Saxon has a plan for the extra vehicles in your business!

Contact us to make sure that you have a plan.

Thank you,

Don Saxon
Saxon Fleet Services


Don's Blog November 2019


Happy and Healthy Holidays to all our Friends! 


Which means Year end is approaching and planning will make a Huge difference in your Business Future.


Planning with Vehicles is important as the Cost to maintain continues to rise. 


Many business' have December year end and are seeing the benefits in evaluating the Cost to operate their Vehicles. 


I will end the year going to Nebraska and Amarillo to visit customers where the questions regarding the buying power do not stop.  This is the time to look at leveraging your buying power regardless of what industry you are in.


Contact a Saxon Account Executive today to have your Vehicle needs Professionally analyzed for Free!


Happy Holidays!

Don Saxon


Don's Blog February 2020

As I start off the new year and think about the past and the future, I find myself being extremely thankful for many things. I am most importantly thankful for the relationships that I have built over the years, not only in the fleet industry but in my personal life as well.

The relationships I have continued have given me opportunities beyond the fleet business, they have allowed me to continue building a legacy for years to come that all can learn from.

Every day you bring passion to work, it will feel like you never worked a day in your life
      ·    Be thankful for all the opportunities you are given, even if they only produce knowledge
      ·    Remember to thank people for their time, you never know what will come in the future

Every day I get up to work, I focus on bringing passion to our fleet industry- most importantly I try to lead by example and be a good listener.

Have a great year, and remember the best is yet to come!



Don's Blog March 2020

While there are many offices that are closing their physical locations and directing their employees to work remote, there are still many fleet drivers that are out on the road.

We at Saxon Fleet Services have prioritized our work to make sure our customers continue to be taken care of across the country, as they are our number one priority in business.

As a precaution to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have cancelled all of my travel through the end of May, and will be working from home.

Things to keep in mind as we go through these unprecedented times:

            1.       Consider your idle assets as cash, and remember Saxon Fleet Services can remarket and sell your used vehicles.

            2.       Don't have time to order? Saxon Fleet Services can source a vehicle out of dealer stock and have it delivered directly to you.

            3.       Insurance and licensing are an added expense to your business that can be avoided by planning to cycle your fleet timely. 

Whatever the need, we are here to assist and wish you all safe travels!

Don Saxon


Don's Blog June 2020

I hope this communication finds you and your families Safe and Healthy.

Our business travel has been suspended through September, and most states have essential and non-essential employees working from home.

Today, used vehicles are at a premium as people start to go back to work and we find ourselves with inventory shortages. New vehicle dealer inventory is diminishing as the OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) begin to go back to full capacity by the end of June.

During my past 40 years in the Auto industry and especially during uncertain times, I have experienced that in order to achieve favorable outcomes in your vehicles Cost of Ownership (TCO), we have to stay focused on business details and planning and to not lose site by the sometimes overwhelming media hype.

Our workplace at Saxon Fleet Services, like all, has new protocols that need to be adhered to.

In closing, give yourself a break, work your plan and plan your work.  Allow yourself flexibility in fluid situations (environments that are new and constantly changing).  In other words, be more open to change than EVER!

We, at Saxon, are open to assist you with planning. Planning allows you to be in control, we have a high value low risk proposition.

Thanks for your time!



Don's Blog August 2020

As we navigate our businesses and our lives through these uncertain times, we at Saxon Fleet Services continue to prioritize our work to make sure our customers are taken care of across the 50 United States.

I am working from home with many conference calls and Zoom meetings through August. I will be attending The Big Iron Farm Show in Fargo ND, mid-September.

Some new news at Saxon; we have recenetly developed tools using digital technologies to give you visibility on your decentralized Fleet to make your Business life easier. (email: for a test drive)

As we continue to grow our business at Saxon Fleet Services, I encourage you to take advantage of planning with our Account Managers and understanding what your Cost Per Mile is; most importantly Ordering vs Buying off the lot will save you thousands of dollars that you can re-invest in your employees.

As always, I appreciate you reading my blog, and have enjoyed hearing back all of the positive feedback. If you have questions on your order, or are thinking about an order wand want to learn more, just remember, that since we work directly with the manufactures, we can provide real time production schedules on any of the makes and models we offer.

Here's to a Safe and Healthy Fall!

Don Saxon




Holiday Season Blog 2020

As I approach the Holiday Season, I give thanks and appreciation for what I have.  One additional item I need to add this 2020 year is Staying Calm so I can appreciate the Season.


I recently returned from exhibiting at a local convention near Kearney, NE.  All other shows this year are either cancelled or postponed into 2021.  General attendance was approximately 20% of 2019, and the exhibitors were 30% of the 2019 show.


Conversations, in Kearney, with attendees were lively.


Year-end planning is critical this year more than any other. General lead times to get remaining product have regrettably been extended out due to a variety of Supply and Logistic concerns.


To make sure you are getting what you need for year-end and spring orders, please contact Saxon Fleet Services to allow our staff of professionals in assisting you with planning the operating cycle of your vehicles.


Here is how to get started:


Email me directly at or call us at 1-800-456-1265 for a free evaluation of what is right for your business.


Thank you,


Don Saxon


Don's Blog Spring 2021

Spring is right around the corner, and with 2022 Order Banks opening shortly, now is a great time to start thinking about planning your vehicle purchases. 

As we remain optimistic for this next season, I want to invite you to put together a free cycle plan and spec out your replacement vehicles with us.

Contact your designated National Account Manager to get more information!


Don Saxon


Don's Blog Summer 2021


Summer is Here!

Thank you for reading my Blog.

As we have all read and heard, there are tremendous shortages of labor for employees, microchips to finish building vehicles, and many other components that go into manufacturing….  with these shortages' opportunity knocks.

Most Dealerships across the country are running into a shortage of New Vehicle Inventory.

It brings the question most of our customers have asked; what is the best way to plan my future vehicle needs?

We highly encourage you to consider factory orders and putting together a cycle plan. Not only will this allow you to take advantage or your lowest fleet price, but it will even help to reduce maintenance costs and overall cost per mile.

With longer lead times and higher maintenance expenses, it pays to plan accordingly.

As travel begins to open up again, I am excited to get back on the road and visit our customers!

Feel free to comment and allow me to answer your questions either via email or call 651-312-1867


Don's Blog Winter 2022


Welcome to 2022!


The Auto Industry will continue to have Supply challenges that make a longer order to delivery lead time and the result is a higher cost of ownership.


What you can do to soften your challenges is to develop a plan that is flexible and includes maintaining your existing vehicle. The Used vehicle market has reset to record pricing.  Maintaining your equipment will enable you to maximize your resale price when the Cost of Ownership calculation is right.


For today, plan on Pre-Ordering your 2023 vehicle with the assistance of a Fleet Professional.


For over 60 years we have assisted Business Owners with planning and measurable savings.




Year End 2022


Operational costs will continue to be the unknown with lead times on New vehicles uncertain and the price continuing to climb on the acquisition side.


Challenges continue to strain the Supply chain for vehicles as well as all durable goods. Get Your Reservations in for 2023 and 2024 Product.


This is a great time to review your plan and find out the latest information from a Saxon Fleet professional.


Holiday Season is upon us, We at Saxon wish You and Yours a Healthy and Safe Holiday Season!