Place an order

1.     What type of purchase do I qualify for?

a.     Our national account manager team will pre-qualify you to determine which fleet program you're eligible to use. 

2.     I just Submitted my order, what are the next steps?

a.     Your order will be placed directly with the auto manufacturer. Each manufacturer confirms acceptance of the order, and schedules production of the vehicle. You will be notified once your vehicle has entered the shipping system.

3.     When will my vehicle begin production?

a.     Once the order is accepted, the auto manufacturer will schedule production based on a pre-determined published lead time.

4.     Can I change my order?

a.     Once the auto manufacturer schedules the order for production, no changes can be made. Your national account manager will work with you to confirm the proper specifications before the order is placed.

5.     When will I receive my VIN?

a.     Once the vehicle has been produced and has entered the shipping system.

Taking Delivery

1.     How do I pick up my vehicle?

a.     Our courtesy delivering dealer will contact you once the vehicle has completed the pre-delivery inspection. This process takes 1 to 3 business days from the date your vehicle arrives at the dealership.

2.     What if I live far away from the nearest delivering dealership?

a.     Most vehicles will be shipped to a courtesy delivery dealer within a 30-mile radius of the end user.

3.     Can I still pick up my vehicle at a dealership in a different state?

a.     Any delivery location request must be made before the order is placed. We have the ability to assign your vehicle to a courtesy delivery dealer within proximity of your desired location.

4.     My delivery date is approaching, how will I know when my vehicle arrives at the dealer?

a.     Your national account manager has the ability to supply shipping updates from the auto manufacturer. Once the vehicle arrives at the courtesy delivering dealer, you will receive a phone call to schedule a delivery time.


1.     What are the accepted methods of payment?

a.     Saxon Fleet Services will accept the following:

                                      i.     Cash - Personal Check, Wire transfer, Cashier's check

                                     ii.     Finance/Lease - We work with several money center funding sources to present competitive options  

                                   iii.     Use your own funding - We will work with your own local funding source

2.     How much do I owe before I take delivery of my vehicle?

a.     We require an upfront non-refundable deposit to place the order. Once your vehicle order has been built and shipped, you will receive a final invoice. Full payment is due before the vehicle will be released.

1.    When do I apply for Financing or Leasing?

a.     Once the vehicle is produced and shipped, we are in a position to start the final payment process. This timeframe allows for paperwork completion within two to three weeks of delivery.

3.     How do I apply for Financing or Leasing?

a.     Click here or contact your Account Manager for more details.

4.     Can I finance with my own bank or credit union?

a.     Yes, you can use your own funding source and it does not affect your purchase price.

5.     What purchase options are available at the end of the lease? 

a.     Depending on the type of lease, you may qualify for a pre-determined buyout option. Please contact the Saxon Fleet Services F&I team to learn more.

6.     Is early buyout allowed? If so, what's involved in breaking a lease?      

a.     We offer different lease products in order to cater to our customer's needs. Please contact the Saxon Fleet Services F&I team to find an option that will work best for you.

    What kind of vehicles does Saxon Fleet Services accept?

a.     Saxon Fleet Services takes in most types of vehicles on trade. Each vehicle is assessed individually.

3.     How does Saxon Fleet Services determine the value of my vehicle?

a.     Click Here to fill out our Used Vehicle Condition Report.

4.     What is the process of a trade-in? 

a.     We have multiple options for used vehicle remarketing, please contact your Account Manager for additional details.

5.      Can I trade in my vehicle even though I am still in a lease?

a.     Please contact your Account Manager to find out what options you have regarding your current vehicle.

1.    Does Saxon Fleet Services handle registration for me?

a.     Saxon Fleet Services will handle all applicable license and title work in the 50 United States.

2.     Can I register my vehicle on my own in my own state?

a.     Yes, Saxon Fleet Services will supply a power of attorney in order to complete the necessary license and title paperwork.

3.     When and how will I receive my license plate(s)?

a.     This varies by state. Some states have them readily available and some will mail them to you or the dealership, depending on who processes the license and title paperwork.

Preparing for Delivery

1.     Do I need to have my insurance policy active for my new vehicle before delivery?

a.     Yes. Proof of auto insurance is the law.

2.     Who must be present at delivery?

a.     An authorized representative of the company.

3.     What do I need to bring with me to delivery?

a.     You will need your driver's license and proof of insurance. Some states may require additional documents.

Service Contracts/Warranties
1.    What kind of maintenance plans do Saxon Fleet Services offer?

b.     We offer maintenance management programs in addition to extended service contracts. Please contact your national account manager to learn more.

2.     What kind of warranty does my new vehicle come with?

a.     The vehicle will come with the manufacturer's warranty. In some cases, you may get a better warranty through a qualified fleet program.

3.     Does Saxon Fleet Services offer an Extended Service Agreement?

a.     Yes, please contact your National Account Manager for details.

4.     What type of warranties do pre-owned vehicles come with?

            a.     Pre-Owned vehicles are sold "As- Is". Please contact your Account Manager for more specific details based on the particular vehicle.