Frequently Asked Questions

i.    Place an Order
1.    What type of purchase do I qualify for?
2.    I just submitted my order. What are the next steps?
3.    When will my car begin production?
4.    Can I change my order?
5.    When will I receive my VIN?

ii.    Taking Delivery
1.    How do I pick up my vehicle?
2.    What if I live far away from the nearest delivering dealership?
3.    Can I still pick up my vehicle at a Dealership in a different state?
4.    My delivery date is approaching, how will I know when my vehicle gets here?

iii.    Payment
1.    What are the accepted methods of payment?
2.    How much do I owe before I take delivery of my vehicle?

iv.    Finance/Leasing
1.    When do I apply for Financing or Leasing?
2.    How do I apply for Financing or Leasing?
3.    Can I finance with my own bank or credit union?
4.    What purchase options are available at the end of the lease?
5.    Is early buyout allowed? If so, what's involved in breaking a lease?

v.    Trade-Ins
1.    What kind of vehicles does Saxon Fleet Services accept?
2.    How does Saxon Fleet Services determine the price of my vehicle?
3.    What is the process of a trade-in?
4.    Can I still trade in my vehicle even though I am still in a lease?
5.    Can I apply the value of my vehicle to the total purchase of my new vehicle?

vi.    Registration
1.    Does Saxon Fleet Services handle registration for me?
2.    Can I register my vehicle on my own in my own state?
3.    When and how will I receive my license plate(s)?

vii.    Preparing for Delivery
1.    What information do you need from me before delivery?
2.    Do I need to have my insurance policy active for my new vehicle before delivery?
3.    Who must be present at delivery?
4.    What do I need to bring with me to delivery?

viii.    Service/Warranties
1.    What kind of maintenance plans does Saxon Fleet Services offer?
2.    What kind of warranties does my new vehicle come with?
3.    Does Saxon Fleet Services offer an Extended Service Agreement?
4.    What sort of warranties does a pre-owned vehicle come with?